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Seriously great New Zealanders.

We are a national team, made up of some seriously talented people, all of whom take great care and attention to their work and know that there is always time for cake.

Janina Kay aka “A Ninja”

‘A ninja’ … an actual anagram of my name, describes my talent for simplifying the complex, taking information that’s sitting in someone’s head, and creating streamlined processes from there.

I launched Diverse Solutions in 2004 after finding many small to medium businesses struggling with running their back office functions. I’m proud to say some of those clients are still with me today!

Along the way, I stumbled across a hidden talent for process writing, business analysis, and quality management work (mostly with local government). And like a snowball gathers more snow, I’ve built a reputation that keeps that work coming in, and now have other team members to support me with it.

Now Christchurch based, I am a nature lover and enjoy walking. Well, walking in Auckland was fun. I’m finding Canterbury’s hills a little more… angular.

In all seriousness, when you’re ready to make life easier for yourself give us a call.

Katie Kerrigan aka “Espresso connoisseur”

Rural Wellsford (north of Auckland) is where you’ll find me. Janina found me here, and plucked me out of the mildly insane world of full-time motherhood!

I feel privileged to be part of the Diverse Solutions team, proudly providing accounts payable and administrative support for stressed-out business owners since 2021. Having been a small business owner, I can empathise with the serious demands of running a business and how easy it is to get caught up in ‘the doing’.

My work is sponsored by espresso, and when I’m off the clock you’ll find me slaying in the kitchen, creating personalised cakes for friends and family.

I’m looking forward to supporting you!

Katie Tanner aka “The Negotiator”

I'm the other Katie! Based in the wonderful Nelson Tasman region with my family I have been with the Diverse Solutions team since 2022.

My background includes over 24 years of administration experience, including five years with an offshore NGO which has added a lot of value to our clients. I support a range of small to medium businesses with tasks including bookkeeping, one-off event organising, and special project work.

Sorting out the "fussy" book work side of things is my jam, and seeing projects take shape from the early planning stages through to completion is hugely satisfying.
Turns out, negotiating with a Sudanese warlord after my team got kidnapped stood me in good stead for organising events through serious covid disruptions! Who knew?

Let’s make your life easier so you can focus on the bigger picture with confidence.

Janet Elliot aka “Super Gran”

A West Coast native-turned-rural gal, my life has been a giant adventure. I have travelled extensively, raised a family, and worked in a range of industries including manufacturing, finance, import, property development, and not-for-profit.

These days, I’m using my extensive skills and background to support clients with their paperwork, freeing them up to focus on more important aspects of running their business. I’m the not-so-serious wise owl of the Diverse Solutions team, with plenty more to give.

My wonderful grandkids keep me on my toes, and because you can never have too much going on, I do a lot of walking exploration and have turned my hand to upcycling furniture!

I’m a safe pair of hands for your business.

Natalie Harrison aka “The Whip”

CEO of a family of four based in the Mighty Waikato, my other love is whipping numbers into shape, and the numbers love it!

I work with a range of clients across New Zealand for Diverse Solutions who have enjoyed great service (I have my hospitality background to thank for that!)

Whether you’re starting out in business or need help in the running of an established one, let me wrangle the numbers and systems so you can concentrate on your business… Or your hobbies. Like running. I once thought that running was fun.
Let me take care of you, so you can take care of your business.
Elyse Diverse Solutions

Elyse Kassebaum aka “Something mysterious”

Hey, I’m Elyse, an Auckland-based consultant and proud Diverse Solutions team member since 2022.

Janina discovered me lurking in the corridors of Manukau Building Consultants and lured me into her Diverse Solutions lair. It’s a cool lair, to be honest, so I’ve been here ever since.

I thoroughly enjoy working with our diverse range of clients, and my particular expertise is process mapping and audits. I’m also the administrator for all things business and building related.

Looking forward to working on your thing, whatever your thing might be! 
Anne Vu Diverse Solutions

Anne Vu aka “The Quiet One”

Hello, I’m Anne with an ‘e’. You’ll find me in Tamaki Makaurau, Auckland (I’m the introvert at the back of the café.) Once you get to know me though…

My career in quality veered into the complex world of Building Consents, and this is where I met the fabulous Janina, who became my mentor. When I confided in Janina about my future, I realised how much I enjoy working in the regulations and documentation space. This ‘out loud’ epiphany resulted in an ideal opportunity to work in this space for Diverse Solutions’ clients.

I am excited to work with you for a more streamlined business.

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